Monday, September 28, 2009

Sunday Afternoon

He called me on the telephone only to say he was pulling down my driveway. Immediately my mind began to race with the anticipation of feeling him close, my lips on his lips. The weekend has been less than easy for him as he returns from a trip and a funeral of a loved one. He needs to connect and feel some passion and perhaps release some tension.

I quietly ask him to come into my home to spend some alone time to which he agrees. He excuses himself to use the restroom only to find me waiting when he comes out. We embrace and kiss looking into each others eyes with longing desire. He immediately slides his hand up my skirt only to find there are no panties. I swing the bedroom door closed with my foot and the excitement builds. As we continue to kiss, we only remove part of our clothes as there is no time to waste. My lover immediately lays be back on my bed and begins to lick my wet kitty with long, slow strokes of his tongue. My excitement continues to build until he looks me in the eyes before sliding his hard cock into me with one smooth movement, which takes my breath away and has be lifting to meet him on every stroke. Looking into his eyes he pulls back a bit and just teases me with the head of his cock, until I beg him to let me have all of him. Again - full penetration sends us both over the edge while looking directly into each others eyes and kissing very tenderly.

Wish these moments could last forever........


IvoryQueens4BlackKings said...

Such a beautiful read, glad you were able to offer yourself to him and give him what he needed. So happy you finally were able to get some alone time as well. Very anxious for the next entry!

Emma Kelly said...

I second that.


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