Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Turn of Events

Hello faithful readers, so sorry for the lack of posts. Some of you have questioned as to when the next erotic encounter will happen........that makes two of us. Life has thrown a turn of events at me as of late and there has been no play, nor do I see any play occurring in my immediate future.

To begin with, I too feel like I have suffered a great loss - much like my fellow blogger 'sexy sadie'. My recent lover and I are no longer having sexual relations, although we are working to try and manage a friendship of sorts. This is entirely on my part and the need to focus energies elsewhere. In addition, L was wanting much more than the relationship we were having. While I am deeply touched and flattered, I cannot and will not hurt my husband to pursue or explore a relationship with him - even though he is quite the catch (successful, hot, stable, well-endowed, and very compassionate). None the less, I am very sad at the turn of events and do miss L terribly.

So in light of these recent events and the fact that I truly feel as though I am suffering a loss, I have removed myself from the lifestyle entirely at this time. I'm not sure what the future will hold, but for now there are more important things that require my focus - mainly my family.