Monday, August 24, 2009

Continued Enjoyment

I have to say that I am absolutely loving the friendship that I am building with my newest friend, let's call him 'L'. L came over last Friday afternoon early in the day, very nice - I get to spend some extra time. Fortunately for me, my son had a football game and my daughter was at the neighbors for several hours. Having this bit of extra freedom we all sat out in the barn area while my husband was doing some wood working, I took a seat on my L's lap dressed in a mini skirt and tank top - no panties btw. We did some touching, kissing, a bit of grinding and when I stood to go and get some water L very smoothly slipped his hand up the backside of my skirt and played with my kitty while I stood in front of him. He is also warming up very nicely as he did some nibbling on my breasts (through my tank top).

It wasn't long before I brought him in the house to play and what fun we did have. I love undressing him and giving his cock some extra attention to get things started. I started by kissing him tenderly on the mouth and worked my way down his chest while stroking on his BBC. It simply looked too good not to wrap my lips around it as well, Mmmmmmm. Much to my delight we switched positions shortly and he kissed and licked my kitty as it warmed up for him to give me that BBC, which I certainly asked for by telling him how much I wanted to feel him.

This time around was missionary style the entire time, but the stroke was nice and slow with deep grinding motions as he made sure that he was fully in me. Damn he feels so good and my arousal went through the roof each time he told me he was cumming. Yes - this means it was more than once. When finished, I rested my head on his chest for a bit as we cuddled and relished in the delight at that moment. I then kissed him very tenderly for a few more moments before we dressed to rejoin my husband outside. I would say that he is becoming more comfortable as I see a bit more aggression each time we have the opportunity to play. Damn, I cannot wait until the next time........

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Round II

My very fine new friend came to visit me again on a Saturday evening not so long ago. I greeted him affectionately with a hug and kiss and then the three of us (hubby, friend, myself) hung out for awhile, I made dinner, and then we listened to music and held hands for a short while. When we came in the house I took my place next to my friend on the love seat as he rubbed up my leg to that warm wet spot between my legs. He then leaned in and indicated he was more than ready to take things into the other room.

We proceeded with me kissing, undressing him and having him lay back so I can play, lick and suck his BBC to help him relax and for my own enjoyment of course. Moments later he entered my hot, wet pussy and fucked me slow and strong for quite some time. He then rolled over and positioned me on top of him allowing me to control the pace, depth, and motion. Very erotic, I love being able to do exactly what I want. My friend is very well built from top to bottom and has an incredibly soft touch, yet the strength behind it to get exactly what he wants. The short amount of time together was incredible! I don't know how anyone could not love and desire BBC, lol.

I would absolutely love the opportunity to have him alone for a day, unrestrained, no interruptions, and the freedom to kiss, fuck and cuddle all day long. I have a feeling he would unleash some of those desires with even more force.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

That "Wow" Connection

I am a lucky woman, my newest friend came to visit me on Saturday evening. I have to admit, I have a deep desire for this man - you know the whole butterflies in the stomach, aching to be intimate feeling. I have finally met a friend that I feel that connection with. The sad thing is - the moments come and go way to quickly. Hopefully that will change - both of us have busy lives right now, so steeling the moments to relax, play and cuddle make it extra special.

I haven't discussed it much before, however since I began living this lifestyle many of the encounters that I had were very empty. In the beginning, my husband was much more the advocate for such behavior than I was. It took me awhile to come around, however I have always been open to new ideas. What I have come to realize is that when I had sex simply to please my husband (by watching, videoing, etc) the encounter was mediocre or less than that. I would guess we started entertaining the lifestyle about 6 years ago - and this will make only my 2nd 'wow' experience. It truly makes a difference when you make a good connection and have that desire to be with the person. Admittedly there have been a couple others that the sex was good - however it wasn't great.

Geez, I'm getting all philosophical here - my point is if you choose to experiment with the lifestyle and want the experience to be incredible - select only those that you are really drawn to and the rest will be icing on the cake. I believe fellow bloggers would have to agree, we get signals that the experience isn't going to be great - so why do we bother putting ourselves through the motions? Yes - I know it is for the sex, but when all is said and done we kick ourselves in the ass for not passing that one by.

Anyhoo - Happy Tuesday and I hope you all find that 'WOW' connection that facilitates incredible sex.