Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Sunday Afternoon continued......

Savoring our moment of bliss and catching our breath, he tells me he isn't done with me yet. "Get up on your knees babe" is all he said and I eagerly obliged. Seconds later, I feel his thick, long hardness entering into me from behind. I eagerly begin to rock back and forth on his warmth very slowly, feeling my wetness intensify. I, personally love this position and from his reaction believe he equally enjoys it as well.

My naughty friend then decides to take some of his own pics of our play time together, mmmmmmmm. Something he can view later I'm sure. He again fills me with his seed before indicating that he had to get home from his trip to get things ready for work the next day. We both get dressed, not taking care to wash any of the sexual exchange that just occurred. I personally enjoy leaving his seed in me to then feel the wetness in my panties moments later. We spent another five or ten minutes just kissing, hugging and talking a bit before I walked him to his car.

While this is one of our shorter visits together, the time is still very arousing, sexual and sweet and I understand the draining weekend he has had. We kiss and part ways as always.......until the next time. The sexual experience is genuinely better when you can share a friendship and communication other than simply fucking a partner.